Diana’s World Fashion Ltd. Return Policy

Diana’s World Fashion Ltd. Return Policy

We want you to be happy with your purchase from Diana’s World Fashion. But we cannot have the capability of offering returns or exchanges as this website has just been established and started. We do not accept exchanges or returns on all of our merchandise even merchandise purchased from our store itself.

We want our customers to experience a superior shopping experience which is why we do not accept returns or exchanges. This makes the buyer feel stronger as they are purchasing items because they are guaranteed that the merchandise is new and has not been purchased and returned. We want our customers to receive the item how we received the item from our own factory and manufacturer which is new, fresh, and clean… And we can not forget how stylish our beautiful and exquisite product range that will create commotion will be received.

We are sorry for this inconvenience but please feel free to visit our store to try on the merchandise before your purchase so that you may feel more comfortable buying online from us.

If you have any further Questions, feel free to Contact Us:

Diana’s World Fashion Ltd.

7102 A 5th Ave.

Brooklyn, New York 11209

Tel: (718) 680-6700

Fax: (718)680-6701

Email: dianasworldfashion@yahoo.com