Welcome to Diana's World Fashion Ltd.

We are an Elegant Middle Eastern Women’s Fashion Store located in Brooklyn, New York. We offer a variety of Middle Eastern clothing of the finest quality and style. We have the biggest Middle Eastern Collection in all of New York. We strive to keep Middle Eastern Fashion up to date with new styles arriving at our store before any other retailer even gets a chance to get a glimpse of the styles we have!!!

We have been serving the Arab and Muslim community in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, since 2005 and offering prestigious Islamic clothing at amazing prices that not only attracts the people’s eyes but also their continued patronage at our store. We are a family owned business and we treat our customers with respect as if they owned Diana’s World Fashion themselves. We want our customers to feel comfortable in our store and outside of our store which is why we are expanding and giving people the opportunity of ordering new styles from the comfort of their homes. We still encourage people to come to the store so that we could better serve them and to also say “Hello, Kayf al Hal?”

For a long time, our customers have tried encouraging us to build a website and this is our present to them.

InshAllah we get the opportunity to see you in our store to better serve you and build a lasting relationship.

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Halla ya Arab!!! AND Salaam Oulaikoum Sisters!!!

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Dianas's World Fashion Ltd.
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